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Contact us by filling out the form below with your questions or inquiries and we will get back to as soon as possible. Uma Alexandra Beepat is the owner of Lotus Signature Massage School and will be your point of contact for your meeting. Uma also owns Lotus Wellness Center which is located in the same building as Lotus Signature Massage School in Manassas, VA. To learn more about Uma, visit here.

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What to Expect:

Step One:

After filling out the form, our administrator Uma Alexandra Beepat will review the information and contact the prospective student by phone or email. In that first point of contact, the new student will discuss with Uma what they are looking for and desiring in terms of a massage therapy career. Uma will be available to answer all their questions about the school program and the requirements to become a licensed massage therapist in the state of Virginia. 

Step Two:

After the first meeting by phone or email, a date is agreed upon to meet in person at the school so the prospective student can have a chance to see the classroom and location and meet Uma in person. At this meeting, the prospective student is given handouts containing the dates for the upcoming school term, the school curriculum, a student enrollment agreement form and financial agreement form to look over.

Step Three:

The third visit is the enrollment meeting where the prospective student brings the required documents for their student file, initial deposit for the school tuition and filled out student enrollment agreement and financial statement forms. Some students choose to combine the second and third meeting together and that is possible to do within a two hour time frame.